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Everyone likes to live in a home that is clean, tidy and always smells like freshly baked cookies. Some of us, though, are not blessed with the motivation for cleaning. Fortunately, there are life hacks out there that make things easy for even the laziest of us!
The following ten tips are ways to prevent extra cleaning and let us be more efficient when we do have to roll up our sleeves and do a little housework.


1) Throw everything in the dishwasher!

Okay, not everything… But there are lots of things around your house that are totally safe to put in the dishwasher. AOL has a full list here.
2) Clean your microwave the easy way.
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Providr explains that it’s as easy as filling a glass bowl with water and half a lemon. Simply Stacie also recommends adding a splash of white vinegar. Microwave for a few minutes or until the water is boiling, then wipe it all down with a cloth. Easy, quick, and no chemicals.
3) Use stove-top liners.
These are absolutely genius. Instead of scrubbing away at the flecks of food baked solid onto your stovetop, just replace the liners.
4) Use furniture polish on…. everything.
Furniture polish makes everything nice and shiny – you can use it on your fridge, your coffee table, your dresser… but be careful not to spray it on the floor. It’s slippery.
5) Line your fridge with plastic wrap.
Why? Because then if you spill something, or you start to get sticky rings under your food containers, you can just pull it out and throw it away.
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