Plastic bottles are something that most of us are swimming in. Empty bottles are probably filling your recycling bin or the floor of your car as we speak! While it’s smart to recycle these bottles, we have a much more fun way of recycling this plastic than just throwing it in a bin or bag. In fact, we have 13 more fun ways to recycle plastic water bottles! These 13 water bottle hacks are brilliant ways that you can repurpose plastic bottles to make your life a whole lot easier in so many ways. You’ll be shocked by the downright practicality of some of these hacks.

1. Chip Holder

Whether you’re in programming or you just have a lot of important information on your computer, your computer chip is a valuable thing that you can’t afford to lose. But where can you house your chips?

Make an airtight, waterproof little holder by gluing together the openings of two bottle caps. This will create a safe space which, unless you unscrew one end, won’t let anything near your beloved chips.

2. Super Strong Twine

The plastic that bottles are made out of is incredibly strong. If you can shave or cut the plastic into a thin, rope-type form, then you have yourself a super-strong length of twine! When secured around something, this plastic twine can lift some surprisingly heavy weight.

3. Quick Funnel

If you have a bag of rice or something small – something that will go everywhere if you try pouring it from the wide mouth of the bag it’s in – then you need a funnel. By cutting the top off a plastic bottle, you won’t need to keep grabbing your ACTUAL funnel time after time.

Cut off the top of the bottle, unscrew the cap and put the neck of the bottle on the bag in question. This will create a concentrated flow from which to pour the contents. You can then just screw the cap back on when you’re done!

4. Phone Stand

There are a few variations of this super clever idea! The original is that you take a straight-edge razor and make some cuts into a bottle cap, so that you’ve made a cross-shape in cutouts. Your phone can rest in these cutouts and you can screw the cap right back onto the bottle for lifted viewing or filming!

5. Shorter Stand

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If you want to watch something with your stand at a shorter height, you can just cut the bottle off right before where the label will be. You’ll be left with a wide opening on a shorter stand, which you can set up and watch like normal.

6. Stronger Stand

Want to mount something like an expensive camera using this idea? Drill a whole into the cap so you can attach a metal camera holder to the top of the bottle. This way, your electronic device will be firmly in place for filming on top of your plastic stand.

7. Yolk Remover

This one is so cool! Need to take the yolk out of your egg whites? Simply use the suction of an uncapped bottle to suck up the yolk and dispense it into a different container. Easy and mess-free!

8. Camp Lighter

Only one headlight at a dark and spooky campsite? No worries, your jug of water can act as a giant, liquid lamp! Strap the light around the water jug so the light is shining into the water – the jug will begin to glow in the coolest way, spreading some comforting light around you.

9. Knitting Spool

Knitters will know this: pulling yarn off a spool can be a messy and time-consuming thing. But using a plastic bottle, you can isolate the yarn and make the stream while knitting much smoother and easier.

Cut a soda bottle in half and place your ball of yarn in it, toward the top. Feed the yarn through, so it has a neat funnel to be pulled through. Put something heavy at the other end of the bottle to anchor the spool down.

10. Preserving Ice

To make the melting of ice take a little longer, hold it in this special plastic contraption! Cut the top off a soda bottle, right before the label, and stick it upside down in the bottle. The top should be almost touching the bottom. Store ice in here to keep it from melting before you need it!

11. Flower Vase